No time, sorry

June 22, 2014

Hi guys,

sorry to say so but at the moment I'm unable to denote any time to dndtools. I don't expect to be able to do so in near future either. There are some content admins working on the site, adding new stuff, but from the programming perspective the site is now in a state of coma. Most mails send won't get any answer.


Android Application

Feb. 23, 2014

Hi guys,

one of our staff managed to create an android application! Do check it out on Google play :

The app comes with SRD only (can't put copyrighted stuff on Play), but there is option to download whole database.

First, open the app, click on Setting and select Upgrade Database:

Then, paste this link:

to the window and press Accept:

That's all! :)

Please, do leave him some feedback, like, etc! :)


New Year, new content

Jan. 17, 2014

Over the past year, we have seen significant changes to our site. We changed the layout so we can bring you even more content.

Things to come…

Domains & Deities
We are currently in the process of updating our Domains and Deities. Soon you will have the same flexibility for searching for domains and deities as you do for spells an feats. In addition, we will be including the domain granted powers.

Races & Monsters
While we currently have a some information on the site, we are planning on improving these entries. As soon as we implement those changes, we will begin adding all of your favorite races.

Mundane/Alchemical Items
This is currently in the development phase as we look to expand upon the items sections.

Additional Items…

This list represents all the entries we want to eventually implement.

  • Invocations
  • Soulmelds
  • Maneuvers – currently listed as spells
  • Manifestations
  • Vestiges
  • Shadow Casting
  • Auras
  • Templates
  • Traits (creatures)
  • Flaws – currently listed as feats
  • Traits (from Unearthed Arcana) – currently listed as feats
  • Skill Tricks – currently listed as feats

Did we miss something? Use the contact us to let us know.

Our Mission…

Our mission is to provide the most accurate and complete source of for all D&D 3.0 and 3.5 material officially produced in a searchable, filterable format. We try to stay as objective as possible thus providing you with an unbiased source of material.

Seeking Help

We are always looking for volunteers to help us deliver content. Content providers do not require any programming experience, just a willingness to spend some free time helping the site.

We are also looking for programmers help us expand our site. As you can see, there are many things we want to implement, unfortunatley, we only have one programmer.

Please use the contact us form if you want to help with content or programming.

Site down occasionally

Nov. 28, 2013

Hello everyone,

some of you might have noticed that was down a few times lately (showing 502 — Bad Gateway error). I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I'm working hard with my provider to fix this.

If by a chance is down again, please, send an email to so I'm aware of the problem immediately.



If you, by any chance, wonder on a page from a rulebook you do not OWN (the source material is always referred both in url and in page contents), please, leave that page, buy the book and then return.

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